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  How Wireless Internet Works?
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Subscriber Module (SM)
The Canopy Subscriber Module is the Internet access receiver for our valud customers. AriaSAT Canopy Access Point (AP) units talk to Subscriber Modules (SM) using a Point-to-MultiPoint protocol. AriaSAT provides this equipment to customer upon new internet connection and it is mounted in a convenient location that faces AriaSAT AP Tower. AriaSAT installed its APs at convenient locations in Kabul which provide hastle free internet connectivity to its valued customers.
  Subscriber Module  
Backhaul Unit (BH)
When you need to provide Internet “feed” from a remote location, the Canopy Backhaul Unit gives yo the flexibility to do so. A Point-to-Point link from a remote access point to the ideal AP site.
  Backhaul Unit  
*Note: backhaul unit is limited by distance and presence of physical obstructions.
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