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  What is Wireless Broadband Internet?
AriaSAT offers world latest innovative technology in Internet Connecvity, thats called Wireless Broadband. This is the best Internet Solutions in the Country like Afghanistan where no proper Telephone Infrastructure exists. The term broadband commonly refers to high-speed Internet access. We have deployed equipment from world famous brand in communication sector "Motorola". It's a proven, viable alternative to wired networks with impractical or inaccessible infrastructures.

The Motorola Canopy system uses an innovative wireless broadband technology employing radio technology to deliver high-speed internet access. It’s the most cost-effective, last mile wireless solution for providing high speed data access to residential and business customers in previously underserved or infrastructure-deprived.

AriaSAT Wireless Broadband Internet is faster than any other ISP option and delivers more reliable service.

DIAL-UP: Is much slower
ISDN & DSL: have slower speeds and higher user costs for service
CABLE: is much more expensive to deploy
MMDS: is much more expensive and difficult to deploy

It’s just fast affordable Internet service with you in control and can be up and running in a day.

The Canopy broadband wireless platform is highly scaleable and exhibits low susceptibility to interference requiring no elaborate frequency planning and corrdination. The hardware draws little power and its packaging is unobtrusive.

The Canopy solution also delivers outstanding performance using a modulation scheme that improves the quality of data delivery and mitigates interference from other systems. Motorola’s Canopy platform offers security with over-the-air encryption that scrambles data bits and helps prevent interception, so data delivery with the Canopy solution is very reliable.

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Wireless Internet in Afghanistan
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