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Find Wireless Internet Providers in Afghanistan

Going wireless is the key to a stable internet connection in a country like Afghanistan. Afghanistan internet providers' bank on satellite to enable both the military and civilians to remain connected with the rest of the world. The state-of-art hardware from service providers such as AriaSat makes connectivity through wireless internet in Afghanistan amazingly simple. Customers need to have access to the internet in the simplest possible manner and keeping this in mind efforts and energy are directed to put a robust system in place with an aim to provide low cost solutions to our clients. Our team of experts work towards testing of various VSAT technologies and techniques. The various VSAT related services that are available in Afghanistan are: Internet traffic management through iDirect Remote Satellite Routers and Digital Video Broadcasting / Single channel per carrier. The use of the latest technology in particular fields ensures that end users benefit the most from technological advancements.

Internet service in Afghanistan is offered by quite a few service providers. Civilians, contractors and military personnel from all branches benefit from this service. iDirect satellite systems are one of the most efficient and trustworthy broadband solutions in Afghanistan which can provide high performance on a sustained basis and deliver 4 Mbps upload and 18 Mbps download speeds consistently. These systems are available either in the C-band or the Ku-band frequency.

Afghanistan internet providers are well aware of the dynamics of operation in the country and therefore the equipments used in the satellite internet network are all business-grade which are equipped to meet all conditions, no matter how rugged. Service providers seek to give customers low latency and high bandwidth meaning faster response time, flexible and customised solutions which can take care of all satellite related connectivity issues and the best customer support system. Such customer service is free from technical jargon and addresses the problem at its root in minimum time with maximum effectiveness.

Wireless internet in Afghanistan has come of age due to the high demand from military setups, which need to be connected 24x7. Another factor contributing to the growth is the awareness of the people of Afghanistan post 2002 and their urge to reach out to the world and remain connected.

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