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What is VSAT Broadband?

In broadband internet hardware industry parlance, VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal. It is a set of equipment consisting of an outdoor dish antenna and an indoor modem unit. The equipments working in tandem connect to the internet via the internet service provider's earth station. VSAT broadband internet is the best option for far flung and remote areas where no other mode of communication is possible. Broadband Internet over VSAT can deliver speeds from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

The increase in complexity of modern day business has made it imperative to keep the flow of data and information moving without any delay. Any hold up in communication can result in loss of business opportunities which may have long term impact on the fortune of the firm. Internet has today become the backbone for receiving and sending data and a reliable and secure network can go a long way in ensuring success in business. VSAT internet is now preferred not only by big business houses but also by medium and small ones as well. More and more such firms are opting for business grade satellite internet thru VSAT for more reasons than one. If parameters like availability, reliability, installation and relocation, complaint fault resolution and flexibility are taking into account while comparing VSAT broadband internet services with leased lines, cables and telephone dial up services it is found that satellite internet thru VSAT scores much higher than any of the other modes.

VSAT technology is entirely based on satellites and is therefore is totally free of wires, hence it is extremely portable. The total control is at one place thus making handling more effective and efficient. Since there are no cabling and telephone line issue, problems if any, can be solved in a fast and easy manner with 24x7 helpline support. The biggest plus for satellite internet through VSAT is that it is not geographically limited and so there are wide usage options and innumerable broadband plans in place for consumers to choose from according to their requirement. VSAT Broadband internet is therefore the only choice for the remote areas where terrestrial connectivity is either non-existent or non-reliable.

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