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AriaSAT technical teams and engineers are always ready to help and support excising or new customers for link lineups, activations, configuration of the networks and troubleshooting. Our technicians and engineers have excellent experience from dealing over the years with hundreds of earth stations and customers developing neat reputation of handling customer cases and links.

24/7 - Non Stop Online & On-Site Customer Services
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0793 445501, 0793 445502
VSAT OnSite Support
0793 445505, 0793 445508
0793 445506
0793 445503
Satellites information services

Kindly check out our new satellite information service center which provide you with useful information about the satellite with technical specifications, coverage maps and frequency examples to ease your lineup and antenna installation.

The satellites technical specifications and coverage maps (footprint) are useful information for our viewers, customers and technicians whom working on installing new systems or already owning a link. Here you can find general information and details you need to know about the satellites we are offering services on to know the coverage maps and all you need to lineup a new earth station or remote satellite system.

AriaSAT is providing a wide variety of solutions and platforms from DVB-SCPC to TDMA hardware to insure multiple solutions and options to our customers such as SCPC VSAT satellite modems, iDirect, Linkstar, BGAN and many other solutions. We have space segment over many satellites such as Express, W6, W7, NSS12, AriaSaT3S, AriaSat4, AriaSat5 and many others. By this our goal is wherever the customer earth station is, they will be always capable of communicating whether they are in Africa, Europe, South America, Middle East or Far East in Asia.

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Customer Support Services
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