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High Speed Internet
AriaSAT is one of major high speed Internet providers in Afghanistan providing broadband satellite Internet access using iDirect VSAT technology to ease connection wherever Internet access was required for remote located companies, personal or army members whom seek connectivity to their coworker's or family members. We also offer iDirect CIR services to small ISP or wireless service providers whom service a small number of customers, or a group of a company member or army units whom located in a rare locations without any Internet access as they can use a wireless based system to shear their high speed Internet access.

Customers can use any VSAT or model of iDirect terminal; Netmodem, NM2+, iNFINITI or the new released Evolution iDirect X3. We will not only provide you with ease of Internet access, but with high level efficiency of support on installation or during the service provided.
iDirect iNFINITI
The iDirect iNFINITI series product line includes the 3000, 5000 and 7000 series of remote VSAT routers supporting different levels of user requirements as well as a family of line cards. The iDirect iNFINITI series enables network operators to support SCPC, Mesh and Star networks to multiple satellites all from a single hub chassis. The hub solutions built from the iDirect iNFINITI series platform will allow for scalability to multiple thousands of remote sites. To manage the entire network, operators will be able to use the iDirect scalable Network Management System (NMS) architecture to support global network customers with a single NMS for worldwide implementation.
  iDirect Infiniti
The iDirect iNFINITI series line of remote routers includes a low cost model optimized for Internet protocol (IP) transfer (iDirect 3000 series), an enterprise class router designed to support business critical applications including VoIP and Video (iDirect 5000 series), and a high end solution offering full encryption and a PCI expansion slot for even greater flexibility (iDirect 7000 series). On the hub router side, iDirect is rolling out a series of interoperable line cards designed to support greater network functionality in a single hub chassis, and virtually unlimited bandwidth when multiple chassis are networked together. Read More
NetModem II Plus NM2+
iDirect’s NetModem II Plus broadband router is a simple “one box” solution that provides enterprise-class IP transportand traffic management over satellite networks. The NetModem II Plus is a compact set-top terminal that delivers a satellite modem, IP router, TCP optimization over satellite, 3DES Encryption, and QoS/prioritization all in one easy to deploy solution. At the same time, it delivers the highest data throughput speeds in the industry today - 18 Mbps downstream, and 8.4 Mbps upstream. And, because it is highly scalable for both inbound and outbound data rates, it allows users to easily accommodate current and future bandwidth requirements.
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