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Very Affordable VSAT Satellite Internet

A political slogan like "Providing stability in instability" could change the perception of the world regarding Afghanistan. However, when a VSAT broadband internet service provider like AriaSat says the same, it means rendering high quality wireless communication solutions in Afghanistan.

What does VSAT application actually offer?

Well, there is a wide spectrum of services which a VSAT can offer. From satellite internet thru VSAT, to file distribution, access of database and policing to environmental monitoring, everything is possible using this technology. VSAT is the most feasible solution when the area of coverage is wide, a quick installation is necessary and the terrestrial options are not all that conducive.

What makes VSAT a superior option?

The virtues of this technology are many and among the most prominent ones are: Cost effectiveness, high reliability, cutting edge performance, global availability and extreme versatility. The cost of setting up a VSAT network is not much. Once the equipment is purchased and installed, the hub and satellite costs are shared by customer sites. Moreover, there is no increase in cost when more sites are added to the network; rather it goes down with increase in sites. The cost of capacity of a satellite does not increase with increase in user sites or distance. Reliability levels are substantially high as compared to terrestrial solutions because satellites are unaffected by aberrations which effect terrestrial transmissions. Two-way IP networks, television and VSAT broadband internet are best experienced when beamed through satellites as they provide superior quality and performance. In places like Afghanistan the coverage provided by VSAT is total and complete. Satellite solutions are extremely versatile and flexible and can operate independently.

For internet service in Afghanistan, satellite internet terminals providing broadband internet services are the best option. At present one of the most effective satellites providing internet services to Afghanistan over the Ku band frequency is the Eutelsat W-6 at 21.5 east. AriaSat is the leading service provider for satellite internet thru VSAT. A high level of technical competence and a dedicated and skilled team of professionals provide quality support to customers.

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