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Choosing an appropriate internet solution in Afghanistan

Internet technology has reached far and wide and even in the rugged environs of Afghanistan. The clear reception ensures that there can never be a communication problem. One can get free uninterrupted services via satellite. If you are considering setting up a unit and need to access this critical service keep in mind a few points. It might help to have a better networking. After all satellite internet services in Afghanistan, the mountainous region, caters to all uniformed forces like marines, army, and other military installations which have precise requirements from their service providers. The services available include satellite Internet, Wi-Fi, VoIP services, VSAT, and WiMAX. It is available in regions like Kabul Camp, Kandahar Camp, fire base Anaconda, forward operating base Ghazni, Air base at Jalalabad, Bagram Airbase, Shindand Airbase, etc.

Here is a check list that should assist in choosing the appropriate internet providers as per your need:

  Check the history and track record of the internet service provider. This is extremely important and should be     done even before asking for the broadband connection or inquiring about tariff. There are independent     service providers who have managed to make a good business out of this essential technology.

  How good and prompt are their support services - assistance at time of break down and interruptions and the     turnaround time?

  Is the high speed time bound or available all the time?

  Does the service provider have tie ups with ISPs in other parts of the world?

  Does the provider offer any add on services?

  Does the provider have a valid license to operate as an ISP in Afghanistan? As it is absolutely essential for an     ISP in Afghanistan to have transit license to operate in the international space.

After going through all these check points you may be able to get and enjoy the best satellite internet services in Afghanistan.

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