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  Military Services

AriaSAT offers military services to exclusively designed for military use and we have sucessfully acomplished many projects for Soldiers. Basically we provide all what is needed to facilitate a better life during their stay in Afghanistan. We provide high-speed internet for soldiers for their use at Desktop computers or Laptop computers. We also provide Wi-Fi internet so Soldiers can connect to voice services like Skype & MSN to get in touch with their families and dear ones. Such services are provided with interuption-free, virus-free and over high speed networks so they should not face any connectivity problems.

We offer complete and tailored internet connecvity solution acording to the specific requirement both hardware & software wise. These services & products are exclusively arranged inline with the Military Standards and DoD standards and we take special care of rules & regulations exhibits by authorities.

Please visit our Data Communication Page for further information.

We also provide a comprehensive supply-chain items on need basis. We provide military IT equipement. Network Eqiupment, Hardware, Software, Uniforms, Household Items and also provide services like Cleaning, Janitorial, Rented Vehicles, Food Catering etc.

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