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  Data Communication Solutions for Soldiers

AriaSAT provides exclusively internet connection solutions for soldiers in Afghanistan. AriaSAT gained the trust of the Afghan Ministry of Defense and NATO's military forces as it’s the only company that held the best staff trained, expert and have years of experience in installing and maintaining Troposcatter systems installed for the Allied Forces.
Our company is specialized in design and implementations of voice, data encryption units and electronic monitoring and protection of (VIP) buildings and locations.

Our engineers are well known by the famous and specialized encryption companies. We also offer good systems in C4I for military uses and we glad to help in this side by preparing studies and ideas about it. We have also able to give a good training in encryption, intelligence, and electronic protection and transmitting scanning etc.

We are specialized as well as in:

(HF, VHF &UHF) wireless portable communication
Communication nodes (electronic exchanges) for military use
Fiber optics digital communications
Microwave communications
Troposphere communications
Satellite Internet thru VSAT

AriaSAT provide internet directly from Satellite thru VSAT equipment installed at military location. This provides soldiers a public internet facility to soldiers, who can communicate with their families over data, voice or cam-chat.

The internet solution (including equipment) is specifically designed for soldiers, which gives them high-speed internet, interuption free, smooth and consitant connectivity and always-on non-stop Customer's Support.

Please visit our VSAT page to know more VSAT technology & equipment.

Wi-Fi Internet Services
AriaSAT can provide Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) on your area, so soldiers can use internet while they roam. They can use internet over their Laptops, Wi-Fi enabled hand-held devices, VOIP phones and other devices, while roam around field, mess or playing areas. They could stay connected with their families over VOIP, backed by our high-speed Satellite Internet.
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