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Internet Access for Soldiers in Afghanistan

As civilians we often forget that soldiers too are very much human and need to emotionally connect to their near and dear ones from the place where they have been deployed. Often the place of posting may be extremely in-hospitable and in such conditions the opportunity to connect to someone close can have highly motivating results. Thanks to wireless broadband internet; it has reduced distances and boosted the communication process.

Internet for soldiers is made available by a hook up the internet at the army barracks with individual laptops. More conveniently, soldiers can connect to their families while roaming using hand-held Wi-Fi enabled devices and VoIP phones. High-speed satellite internet connection makes this a reality and internet solutions specifically designed for soldiers including hardware solutions, make them realize that they are never alone. Continuous customer support further strengthens the faith and belief in the capability of VSAT based Satellite internet.

The demands of peacekeeping, stabilization and general military operations in Afghanistan require the armed forces to travel to remote and in-hospitable areas with next to no infrastructure for terrestrial telecommunication. Under such conditions the adoption of satellite based modern communication networks are preferred for reliable, interception and interruption free networks. For forces stationed in some part of a troubled area and looking for connectivity, for example, troops seeking internet in Kabul, wireless broadband internet is the way to stay connected. Not only does the internet help in connecting to people back home, it also helps in performing official tasks and exchanging information with other military units.

Service providers like AriaSAT have gained the confidence of the Afghan government and also the NATO's peace keeping forces due to their diligence in rendering expert connection solutions in the form of internet for soldiers. iDirect Evolution X3 is the hardware best suited to provide broadband internet which is wireless and at the same time is not bulky. This piece of equipment is capable of satisfying broadband requirements such as VPN access and internet to enterprise network, video conferencing and real-time VoIP.

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