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  Choosing an appropriate internet solution in Afghanistan: Internet technology has reached far and wide and even in the rugged environs of Afghanistan. The clear reception ensures that there can never be a communication problem. Read More.

  Internet Access for Soldiers in Afghanistan: Internet for soldiers is made available by a hook up the internet at the army barracks with individual laptops. More conveniently, soldiers can connect to their families while roaming using hand-held Wi-Fi enabled devices and VoIP phones. Read More.

  Very Affordable VSAT Satellite Internet: For internet service in Afghanistan, satellite internet terminals providing broadband internet services are the best option. Read More.

  What is VSAT Broadband?: In broadband internet hardware industry parlance, VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal. It is a set of equipment consisting of an outdoor dish antenna and an indoor modem unit. Read More.

  Find Wireless Internet Providers in Afghanistan: Internet service in Afghanistan is offered by quite a few service providers. Wireless internet in Afghanistan has come of age due to the high demand from military setups, which need to be connected 24x7. Read More.

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